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  • Monthly subscription packages
    Our services are packaged exactly for Your needs, and priced accordingly. No more expensive upfront payments for digital services.

  • Digital Marketing & Communications
    Our creative digital strategies deliver the right messages to the right audience, connecting Your business to the thousands of po-tential customers

  • Highy quality web-sites
    Our websites look exactly how they should across all platforms and browser

  • Webpages designed to meet Your needs
    Tell us more about Your project and we will get to work. We can have a draft ready for you in a matter of days.


Web Development

We develop beautiful websites and web applications that are responsive across all the devices and platforms. BASAWEadmin puts the control of dynamic parts of websites in Your hands.


Let us design a beautiful logo for Your business that will stand out amongst the crowd. We can also design every piece of promotional material for Your business (billboards, flyers, brochures, etc.). We offer Smart QR Business Cards that automatically import contact details into smartphones.


You can have confidence that Your website(s) and/or application(s) are crafted uniquely for You.


No need to look further for digital storage. Our hosting service provides You with all the cloud storage that you and your website need.

Maintenance and Support

Our clients have 24/7 maintenance and support at their disposal for all the services we provide. Don’t hesitate to contact us for any kind of assistance. Our team is delighted to be at Your service.

Native apps

If You want to occupy the home screen of your customer’s devices, look no further. We create beautiful and responsive iOS and Android apps that show everyone in the digital world that You and your business are here to stay.

Video Production

If you need to refresh inventory on Your website with professional photos or make a promotional video for Your business, look no further than BASAWE.

Social Media Marketing

Social media presence is one of the most important marketing activities for You and Your business. Let our experienced PR team engage with Your customers and increase Your presence across all social media platforms. We can get that blue ticker next to your business name as well.


We implement custom CMS for Your business, providing you a custom CMS with a user control panel. You will be in full control of the dynamic parts of your website, with the ability to update content online in a matter of minutes.

Create content

Custom made forms for You to update Your website at any time.

Edit content

You can easily edit and delete all of the dynamic content on Your website.


Filters content to make it easly managable

Traffic insight

Get the better understanding of individuals that visit Your website.


You will never forget to renew Your subscription to our services.

Help Center

We have a team that to help with anything you need. Call, text, or email us at any time.

About us

We are a highly professional Digital Soultion Agency based in St. Louis. Let us be your guide in the digital world!


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